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Queen Victoria
81 Nights
San Francisco
San Francisco to Southampton
Saturday, 6 February 2021
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Date Arrive Description Depart
06Feb21 (Sat) San Francisco, California 20:00
07Feb21 (Sun) At Sea
08Feb21 (Mon) At Sea
09Feb21 (Tue) At Sea
10Feb21 (Wed) At Sea
11Feb21 (Thu) 08:00 Honolulu, Oahu, United States
12Feb21 (Fri) Honolulu, Oahu, United States 14:00
13Feb21 (Sat) At Sea
14Feb21 (Sun) 23:30 Cross International Dateline 23:59
16Feb21 (Tue) At Sea
17Feb21 (Wed) At Sea
18Feb21 (Thu) 09:00 Apia, Western Samoa 18:00
19Feb21 (Fri) At Sea
20Feb21 (Sat) 08:00 Suva, Fiji 17:00
21Feb21 (Sun) At Sea
22Feb21 (Mon) At Sea
23Feb21 (Tue) 07:15 Tauranga, New Zealand 18:00
24Feb21 (Wed) 07:00 Auckland, New Zealand 21:00
25Feb21 (Thu) 08:00 Bay Of Islands, New Zealand 18:00
26Feb21 (Fri) At Sea
27Feb21 (Sat) At Sea
28Feb21 (Sun) 06:30 Sydney
01Mar21 (Mon) Sydney 21:00
02Mar21 (Tue) At Sea
03Mar21 (Wed) 07:00 Brisbane 19:00
04Mar21 (Thu) At Sea
05Mar21 (Fri) 08:00 Airlie Beach 18:00
06Mar21 (Sat) At Sea
07Mar21 (Sun) At Sea
08Mar21 (Mon) At Sea
09Mar21 (Tue) 07:00 Darwin 18:00
10Mar21 (Wed) At Sea
11Mar21 (Thu) At Sea
12Mar21 (Fri) 07:00 Bali 18:00
13Mar21 (Sat) At Sea
14Mar21 (Sun) At Sea
15Mar21 (Mon) At Sea
16Mar21 (Tue) 06:00 Ho Chi Minh City (phu My), Vietnam 17:00
17Mar21 (Wed) 08:00 Nha Trang, Vietnam 18:00
18Mar21 (Thu) At Sea
19Mar21 (Fri) 08:00 Hong Kong, China
20Mar21 (Sat) Hong Kong, China 20:00
21Mar21 (Sun) At Sea
22Mar21 (Mon) At Sea
23Mar21 (Tue) At Sea
24Mar21 (Wed) 07:00 Singapore
25Mar21 (Thu) Singapore 19:00
26Mar21 (Fri) 08:00 Kuala Lumpur (pt. Kelang), Malaysia 18:30
27Mar21 (Sat) 08:00 Penang, Malaysia 17:00
28Mar21 (Sun) At Sea
29Mar21 (Mon) At Sea
30Mar21 (Tue) At Sea
31Mar21 (Wed) 07:00 Colombo, Sri Lanka 21:00
01Apr21 (Thu) At Sea
02Apr21 (Fri) At Sea
03Apr21 (Sat) At Sea
04Apr21 (Sun) At Sea
05Apr21 (Mon) 07:00 Mauritius 20:00
06Apr21 (Tue) 07:00 Reunion, Reunion 17:00
07Apr21 (Wed) At Sea
08Apr21 (Thu) At Sea
09Apr21 (Fri) At Sea
10Apr21 (Sat) At Sea
11Apr21 (Sun) 04:00 Port Elizabeth, South Africa 20:00
12Apr21 (Mon) At Sea
13Apr21 (Tue) 05:30 Cape town, South Africa
14Apr21 (Wed) Cape town, South Africa 17:00
15Apr21 (Thu) At Sea
16Apr21 (Fri) 06:30 Walvis Bay, Namibia 18:00
17Apr21 (Sat) At Sea
18Apr21 (Sun) At Sea
19Apr21 (Mon) At Sea
20Apr21 (Tue) At Sea
21Apr21 (Wed) At Sea
22Apr21 (Thu) At Sea
23Apr21 (Fri) At Sea
24Apr21 (Sat) At Sea
25Apr21 (Sun) 08:00 Gran Canaria 18:00
26Apr21 (Mon) At Sea
27Apr21 (Tue) At Sea
28Apr21 (Wed) At Sea
29Apr21 (Thu) 06:00 Southampton, England